General terms and conditions of fun6 marketing ag regarding use of the website


Applicability and terms

1.1 The following general terms and conditions (T&C’s) regulate the rights and obligations arising with regard to use of the website (““) and the relationship between the users of the website and fun6 marketing ag, Baarerstreet 63, CH-6300 Zug (“fun6“).
1.2 The T&C’s apply to every use of, in particular offering and use of advertisements. Separate terms and conditions apply for the use of online advertising (e.g. banner ads
1.3 Please refer to the homepage for these T&C’s. In addition, the user is clearly and therefore legally referred to the T&C’s as part of registration. By indicating their acceptance by clicking on the corresponding check-box, as confirmed by a tick, these T&C’s become an explicit part of the contract.
1.4 The T&C’s can be viewed any time on in the closing line, and can be downloaded by the user as a PDF.
1.5 User comprises natural and legal persons, who make use of services provided by marketing on, in particular advertisers and visitors.
1.6 An advertisement is a portrayal of a profile designed with independent responsibility for purposes of publication. The advertiser uses this advertisement to look for prospective customers for the services they offer. The advert merely serves to communicate the contact. Negotiation of conditions and conclusion of the contract takes place directly between the users
1.7 By “advertiser” we mean any user who places a profile on for purposes of publication.

Minors, Contractual autonomy, Overseas

2.1 Use of fun6. is only permitted for natural persons with the authority and capacity to act as well legal persons. Underage persons, in particular, are excluded from use.
2.2 There is no right to use of the services offered on
2.3 The user recognises that he may, under certain circumstances, infringe foreign laws by using from abroad. It is the user’s responsibility to find out about this. is not intended for users subject to legislation which forbids publication of or access to (due to the nationality of the person in question, their place of residence or other reasons). Users affected by such restrictions are not permitted to access

Intellectual property rights

3.1 This content of is protected by copyright. All copyrights, brands and know-how on the platform are held exclusively by fun6 and the associated logos are registered brands® of fun6 marketing ag. No element of is designed in such a way that the user has any rights to use an image, a registered brand or a logo. retains all rights (particularly copyrights and brand rights) with regard to all elements on, and will take every opportunity to implements these right in their entirety.
3.2 Any further use, in particular re-publication or public sharing of advertisements is reserved for advertisers alone.
3.3 Ownership of the photos, videos and texts supplied by the advertisers remains with the advertiser. However, the advertiser gives the exclusive rights to use the data supplied. The data may not be used, taken or copied by third parties.

Access to services offered

4.1 Technical access to using providers selected by the user, third party software via the internet and is not the responsibility of Part of the services offered is only accessible after prior registration by the user. Registration by the registered user is via a user ID and a password, with which he already identified himself on login.
4.2 The user bears responsibility for protecting the confidentiality of his user data and for all activities which take place via his access.
4.3 The user is responsible for all risks which may arise due to manipulation of his IT systems, due to functional faults in his IT system and/or due to improper use of access rights

Management and ongoing development of the platform, interruptions to service

5.1 Operation and management of are carried out by fun6. The latter is entitled to sub-contract third parties to fulfil their obligations.
5.2 reserves the right to adapt the online offer inline with technical innovations or to change it due to other circumstances. Such changes may be implemented by fun6 at any time. fun6 endeavours to make the operation of as free from disruption as possible, and to minimise interruptions for fault resolution, maintenance, or introduction of new technology or similar. Technical development is solely at the discretion of fun6.
5.3 The online offer is fundamentally available 24 hours a day. However, fun6 cannot guarantee any minimum availability. fun6 reserves the right to partially or completely cease the online offer.
5.4 In particular in the event of changes, interruptions, cessation of the online offer and deletion of content, the user has no right to withdraw from the contract and/or reduction or repayment of payments, or compensation.

Responsibility for content of advertisement; User obligations

6.1 The user commits to use in accordance with law and the contract.
6.2 The advertiser is responsible for the content of his advertisements and for all other data supplied by him. He also particularly guarantees that he is entitled to use all data he supplies, such as photos, videos and texts, and theses may be used in the context of the contractual agreements with fun6. Where the user has not produced this data himself, the written agreement of the copyright holder must be made available to fun6 before publication of the advertisement. fun6 supports the owner’s property rights. Users are requested to notify fun6 of infringements, so the corresponding profiles may be deleted immediately and the copyright owner can be informed. In other words: use of FAKE photos in is not permitted!
6.3 The advertiser many only offer services which he is entitled to supply, and for which he has the required authorisation.
6.4 He is not permitted to use text and visual images involving sexual activity with children or animals.
6.5 fun6 reserves the right to change the data supplied by the advertiser for technical reasons, or not to process it in its entirety.
6.6 fun6 reserves the right to ask for changes to the contents of advertisements at any time, or to decline or delete advertisements without justification. In particular the following will not be published: advertisements which do not contain a definite offer, merely offers from the user which redirect to other places, or adverts which, in the opinion of fun6 are illegal or infringe the rights of third parties.
6.7 Where there is a suspicion of use of the online offer which is in contravention of the contract, illegal or indecent, or in the event that an advertisement has caused complaints, fun6 may, without notice, without giving reason and without any consequential compensation, delete the associated content, block or delete the account, withdraw from the contract and cancel the provision of the service without prior notification to the user and without any consequential compensation.
6.8 Excluded uses may only re-register on with the prior agreement of fun6, whether under their own or an assumed name. For each case of infringement of these regulations, a contractual fine of 10,000 sft is agreed.

User’s liability

7.1 The user is liable to fun6, its bodies, employees and agents for all damages caused in connection with use of, regardless of fault.
7.2 Where fun6, its bodies, employees or agents are subject to legal action by third parties or authorities as a consequence of the behaviour of, or with regard to, the user’s advertisements, the advertiser is obliged to make all documents and information which may appear useful available to fun6, when first requested by fun 6, for defence against the claims asserted. If fun6 is subject to legal action in connection with the data supplied by the advertiser, the advertiser is obliged to intervene in the action after a third party notice has been issued. In every case, the advertiser is obliged to meet all legal and out-of-court costs associated with such third party claims incurred by fun 6 and to completely indemnify fun6.

Guarantee and disclaimer

8.1 fun6 is only liable for damages arising from wilful or grossly negligent action by fun6. Apart from that, any guarantee and liability on the part of fun6, its bodies, employees and agents is excluded. In particular, fun6 is not liable for indirect damage, consequential damage such as loss of profits, for damage to the users devices, their data and software, as well as system and productivity drop out, for damages arising in connection with use of the access by anyone other than the user named in the registration, as well as illegal or indecent behaviour of users and third parties.
8.2 fun6 is only liable for longer non-availability of websites caused by wilful or grossly negligent actions, failure of individual or all website functions or malfunctions of the websites.
8.3 The advertiser is completely responsible for the content of the data sent by them to fun6. fun6 accepts no responsibility for the content of the adverts shown. fun6 is not obliged to check the adverts and the information published on for accuracy.
8.4 If fun6 is not able to meet its contractual obligations, despite all diligence, due to force majeure, such as natural events, strikes, unforeseen regulatory restrictions, technical disruptions, which are the responsibility of third parties, the user shall not be entitled to contract performance for the duration of the event.

Data Protection

9.1 fun6 is subject to Swiss Federal Data Protection Legislation (DSG) and is therefore obliged to protect the privacy of its users, and to handle their personal data, in accordance with the regulations in the DSG.
9.2 fun6 only collects data where necessary and handles this data with care. Data is stored in a secure database environment in Switzerland. The online platform is also hosted in Switzerland.
9.3 fun6 observes the regulations in data protection legislation, but is not able to comprehensively guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and availability of personal data. The user acknowledges and accepts that personal data may be retrievable in countries where there is no legislation to guarantee appropriate data protection.
9.4 fun6 reserves the right to pass on personal data in the event of misuse of services, particularly where there is a suspicion of illegal activity, or due to an official or court request.
9.5 fun6 will not sell, lease, give away, publish or in any way make accessible to third parties the personal data collected or saved.
9.6 Advertisers are advised that all users have access to the advertisements shown and the data transferred by the advertiser or other users.
9.7 The advertisers agrees that the advertisements placed by them are not freely available to third parties. The advertiser particularly forbids thrid parties from copying advertisements onto other online portals, and gives fun6 the right to legally pursue any use of advertisements of this kind.
9.8 Cookies are used to optimise the website and to help open pages. These cookies are fully anonymised and do not contain any personal data relating to the user. Cookies are also use to shoe the user content and advertising in accordance with their interests.

Final Provisions

10.1 fun6 reserves the right to amend these T&C’s at any time. In each case, the current edition published online applies between the user and fun6.
10.2 Amendments and additions to written agreements must be in writing with the agreement of both parties in order to be valid. This also applies to any waiver of the written form requirement
10.3 If a regulation within an agreement should be invalid or unenforceable, then it shall only be void to the extent of its unenforceability or invalidity and shall otherwise be replaced by an enforceable and valid provision economic replacement regulation. Any omissions in the corresponding agreement should be completed by regulations which most closely reflect what the parties would have agreed based on the meaning and purpose of the contract if they had considered it at the relevant point in time when concluding the corresponding agreement.
10.4 The exclusive place of performance and of court of jurisdiction is 6300 Zug, fun6 is, however, also authorised to assert its rights at the domicile/registered office of the customer, or before any other competent authorities.
10.5 This contract is to Swiss law exclusively, to the exclusion of international conflicts of law.

© by fun6 marketing ag. Reproduction without prior written permission is not allowed. All rights reserved.